Friday, July 01, 2005

The Byzantine Generals Problem

Computers And Man Second Edition by Richard C. Dorf 1974/1977 Boyd & Fraser
In the Preface to The Second Edition "There are about 170,000 computers in operation in the US, while there were just 5,000 a decade ago." Davis, CA June, 1977

Algorithms should be studied. They were writen about in the 800s A.D. by a Persian.

Every July 4th week-end, I try to learn the names of the Presidents of the United States and the year that they either were elected or took office. (There is a difference between learning and memorizing)
The trick is to find a knowable historical event and attach it to the President at the time.
The Louisiana Purchase, the build up to the Civil War, World War I, etc. are examples of historical events which we should all be familiar. The problem for me seems to be Zachary Taylor and Millard Fillmore or Grover Cleveland and Benjamin Harrison and Grover Cleveland.

I have Presidential flash cards.