Friday, February 04, 2005


People On Our Side by Edgar Snow copyright 1944 by Random House is a follow up after Red Star Over China. This may be one of the greatest books I have attempted to read in some time.
First person account of Asia during World War II.

NO job, NO place to live, NO girlfriend - Freedom is just another word for nothing else to lose.


Blogger Efraim said...

Ok Doug. You need to calm down and take action. So you're no longer a rep. So what? State representatives should be limited to a couple of terms anyway. It's public service not a life time career. It shouldn't be anyway.

Look, I met you once at the University of Georgia, when you were campaigning for votes in the student elections (the year we abolished the government there). You came to a meeting of the Student Caucus on Women's Issues to ask for our support. I was the only guy there and I had a different name then. I'm Jewish now and have lived in Europe and Israel for the last 18 years or so.

Anyway, you had such a great presence at that meeting. I was really impressed with you and when I came back to the US a couple of years ago and took on my boring job, I googled you. I had never forgotten your name and, well, back then you looked really good. Now you're okay, but not like in college. I was not surprised to see what you had been doing: state rep, etc. etc.

So what I'm telling you is to chill. You have such great potential and you must have the best contacts and rolex in the state. I'm rooting for you dude. I was always sorry I never had a chance to really get to know you, but that's life. Everything's gonna be alright. I'll send a prayer for you to the Western Wall in Jerusalem so cheer up!

February 9, 2005 at 12:12 PM  

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