Thursday, April 28, 2005


PATHFINDER John Charles Fremont and the Course of American Empire by Tom Chafin 2002 Hill and Wang A division of Farrar, Straus and Giroux. Tom and Meta are part of the literatci that have become part of the Manuel's Tavern Myth. This book does what I most enjoy about non-fiction biography and history which is tell the human face about the characters who make our world. The pains, loves, failures, triumphs, talent and luck which make up life need to be included when one tries to tell a complete story about a person. Tom is a gifted scholar and a good story teller. He chose a character who is both important in the American story and someone whose complete story needed to be told.

Last night I went to hear Elvis Costello play in Athens, Georgia for the first time. Great 2 hour set at the Athens Classic Center.

The night before I went to hear Michael Penn at the Red Light Cafe in Atlanta and then the BooHoo Ramblers at Blind Willies.

President W. Bush had what was described as the fourth prime time news conference of his Presidency tonight. I received an e-mail during the 1 hour asking why the networks were televising him. I had hoped to watch ABC television's showing of Sweet Home Alabama starring Reese Witherspoon. I had been paid to be an extra one cold night in Atlanta several years ago to reshoot some scenes of that movie. I never saw it to see if they used any of my cameo appearance. I did meet and chat with Reese that night.

Monday, April 04, 2005

The Next Pope should be Ringo

A Decent, Orderly Lynching The Montana Vigilantes by Frederick Allen 2004University of Oklahoma Press was hung out to dry early this morning. (I finished reading it.)

Attended a reading for Dr. Hunter S. Thompson at Push Push Theater last night. "When the going gets wierd, the wierd turn Pro."

This Friday, Chrystal, a movie directed by Georgia native Ray McKinnon and starring his wife and Arkansas native Lisa Blount opens across the country. Billy Bob Thorton and Harry Dean Stanton appear in this Southern Dramatic tale.

The Masters Golf Tournament starts this week.

Spring Break in some form or function is happening here and there. Be Afraid!