Monday, February 21, 2005

Dr. Hunter S. Thompson is Dead

I met Dr. Hunter S. Thompson over twenty years ago in the Memorial Hall ballroom at the University of Georgia. We compared notes and decided it would be a good idea that we should not adventure together. We honored our pact until that faithful night at the Woody Creek Tavern outside of Aspen Colorado when intoxicants resulted in gunplay.

I had agreed to remain silent until his big sleep.

A week from Tuesday, March 1, 2005 I will contact the agent and start the book.

The working title ......"Oversleeping for the Dalai Lama"


Blogger Shamanator said...

I was at that very same event at Memorial Hall -- I still have the ticket stub. I remember him telling an audience member -- a young, male Freshman who asked Thompson what major he should pursue in college -- that there "was no future for you; you should just get it over with now and kill yourself." A rather prescient and telling statement, it turns out. Thompson was drunk, and not especially profound, witty, or insightful that evening. However, I'm sure he could've been, given different circumstances.

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