Monday, November 08, 2004


The Home of Man by Barbara Ward copyright 1976 says "that we are living at a juncture of history in which decisions made or unmade will be crucial not just to the future happiness of one group or another but to all humanity and even to the continuance of life on earth."

"In recent years the governments of the world have convened a series of extraordinary conferences which have sought to begin a global inquiry into the possibilities of the human future: Stockholm on the environment, Bucharest on population growth, Rome on food supplies, Caracas on the uses of the sea, Mexico City on the roleand status of women, and now Vancouver on shelter and the human habitat."


Interactive gaming? $$$$

Operation Al Fajr - Iraqi word for "Dawn"

Neither Auburn Universtiy nor University of Georgia have played any other team of consequence - yes, that includes the University of Tennessee. Look at their past schedules.


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