Saturday, October 30, 2004

World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party

Playing To Win by Jeff Greenfield copyright 1980 "Today, for all of the cynicism about the process, the process itself still attracts thousands of otherwise rational and intelligent people."

College football and Halloween parties are the order of the day.

Last Thursday night, Georgia Tech v. Virginia Tech was instructive. The yellow jackets were leading with around five minutes to go in the game when I was asked "Has Georgia Tech won?"
One of the quickest, most complete turn arounds then resulted in a Virginia Tech victory.

Campaigns pay attention!

When I was supposedly attending the University of Georgia in the 1970's, I ran for Student Body President. On election day, I basically hid under my bed. When the votes were counted later that evening, I missed the run-off by around 100 votes. Most of my aquaintances had failed to vote. A popular t-shirt in college football states: "Finish The Drill."

Less than 100 hours till Election day is supposedly over. (A federal Judge has ruled that overseas uniformed and others have more than a week after that to get their ballots in.)

Stalin has been quoted as saying something about it's not who casts the ballots but it's who counts the votes.


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