Thursday, October 07, 2004

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The Brethen by Bob Woodward and Scott Armstrong tells the story of "Inside The Supreme Court." Last Monday was the first session on the new Supreme Court session. Copyright in 1979, this book was written before Ronald Reagan was elected president.

I would like to believe there is a reason for the current court to be resisting retirement, death or disability. The next justice who will be nominated by the president and confirmed by the U.S. Senate will be examined unlike anybody who has ever offered for public service.

After the Bush v. Gore case of 2000, it could be argued that our American democracy is perched on the precipice.

In the summer of 1990, I traveled to the middle East with a gentleman who has written about the court. Black Hills, White Justice was the first book by Mr. Lazarus which started prying open the secretive deliberations of the U.S. Supreme Court. Closed Chambers came next.
With less then a month before the Presidential election, what role will the nominating of new justices play in the voting choice of the American voting public?


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